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Popular beer game "Beer Pong" put to work for cancer fund raising

Brooke and Sean Mulkerron know it's unconventional, but when they contacted the owner of the web site, they knew exactly what they were doing.

"Our daughter Tess was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma, a rare liver cancer last September," said Sean. "She was only seven months old then and we were really scared. But throughout this whole ordeal she's shown all of us that she’s a fighter."

Since September 2007 little Tess has been through four major surgeries, six rounds of chemotherapy, and countless blood transfusions.  Her parents say it looks like she is now on the rebound and her doctors are close to saying she’s officially in remission.  Because of their situation Brooke and Sean became avid cancer research supporters and began to look for ways to raise money for cancer research.

"We came up with the beer pong idea because it’s such a popular game, especially here in the northeastern United States,” said Sean. "Then we simply got online and found, where we could buy some official beer pong tables to hold a tournament to raise money.  It might sound crazy, but we think it'll be fun and raise awareness in people who might not have ever thought to donate to cancer research."

Brian Roseman, owner of, immediately got on board with the idea after the Mulkerrons contacted him.

"I have to admit, I thought it was a little odd at first, because this game is simply about having a little fun,” said Roseman, "but why not support a great cause while having a good time?"

To support the tournament, Roseman is donating $15 to cancer research for every beer pong table he sells from He also provided a discount on some tables to help get the tournament off the ground. The tournament, "2008 Concord Charity Beirut Tourney," is scheduled for Aug. 23 in Concord, N.H., near the University of New Hampshire. (Beer pong is called "Beirut" in popular circles) The winners will receive a $500 prize and the top five teams will receive a beer pong table, but all the rest of the money raised from donations from participants will go towards cancer research with the "V Foundation Charity."

"I really hope they’re successful," said Roseman. "After learning about this story, you really can’t help but root for Tess and all the other people who are dealing with this disease. I’m actually honored that has gotten this opportunity to contribute to this great cause."

For more information about the tournament, visit; for more information about beer pong visit


Concord Beirut Tourney 2008 for Tess Mulkerron

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