Throw ping pong balls into a cup, and help cure cancer is proving to the world that they are more than just a popular drinking game site. Their goal is to raise money towards cancer research. They are supporting the V Foundation for an upcoming Beer Pong, or Beirut Tournament near the University of New Hampshire on August 23, 2008 for the Mulkerron family.

For every beer pong table purchased on this web site, will donate $15 back to the V Foundation Charity to raise money for this fundraiser.

Who is Tess Mulkerron? Click here.

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What is Beer Pong?

The objective of a Beer Pong game, (commonly known as Beirut) is a drinking game in which 20 cups are filled approximately 1/3 full of beer. 10 cups are set up in bowling pin formation on opposite sides of a beer pong table. Teams of two people take turns trying to throw a Ping-Pong ball into one of the opponent’s cups. If successful, the opponent must chug the cup, and the cup is removed from the field of play. Each side throws two balls per turn (one per team member) and if both are successful on the same turn, they get another turn right away. The first team to successfully throw Ping-Pong balls into all 10 cups wins, and plays against the next team.

Concord Beirut Tourney 2008 for Tess Mulkerron

Beer Pong Tournament for Charity